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Hi, I'm Trisha and I live by the beautiful Boyne here in Co. Meath with my husband John of 35+ years. 

I'm originally from Dublin, though over the years we moved about a bit before settling here in our lovely old cottage, now that our children have grown and moved on.

I have always been a very creative person and for many years I've worked in theatre and film as well as a therapist and healer. I have always been drawn to ceremony and celebrations. It was no surprise then that I went on to train as a celebrant, combining all of my experiences

I've always loved celebrating the small and not so small events in life with my family and friends. Creating memories that last and celebrating all that we mean to each other in personal and creative ways.

I am a caring, creative and honest person with a passion for making magical memories. That is why being a celebrant means so much to me because I can help others express their joy at a new life, embrace a new love or celebrate the life of their loved one in unique and deeply personal ways.

It's such a privilege to be a part of the best day in your life!

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