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Remembering Our Departed Loved Ones:


Sample Wording:


 At every special occasion in life, there are always absent family and friends and today is no different.


So in honour of those departed and who are dearly missed, we have lit this candle.  Let us take a few moments to remember those who have gone before us, their laughter, their love and what each person meant to us, knowing they are with us here today in spirit.  



*We remember and hold dear our loved ones who are no longer with us (names). Gone but never to be forgotten.



Though (names) are/is not with us today, his/her/their memory remains.



An angel is watching over us today.

Memories of you fill our minds this wonderful day. 






Bouquet charm or button hole



Wedding Photo Table





A Seat of Honour

A Remembrance Candle

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